LCI Spring Chair Letter

May 1, 2021


Dear Learning Communities Institute (LCI) Members                                                                                                   

Welcome to spring! I don’t know about you, but the signs of flowers blooming and plants renewing after a long winter, seem to have a more profound meaning for me this year. I hope you're finding ways to connect and re-connect with those relationships and activities that renew you. 

The LCI Council has been working hard this year, so there’s lots to get to in this update. I hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunities listed below.

Members only section

As I mentioned in the January letter, we are thrilled to launch the members’ only section of the Learning Communities Institute website. Logging in will unlock presentations from previous annual meetings, member directory information, a repository of journal articles related to learning communities, and more. (Look for the additional links that appear, once you log in). Special thanks to our LCI Web and Communications and our Professional Development teams for getting this area ready for launch. If you have issues accessing the area, please contact the Web and Communications Team: Lars Osterberg and Sara Fazio. And, if you have ideas for materials or resources to be added, contact one of the members of the Professional Development Team: Dani Roussel, Emily Frosch, Jennifer Quaintance.

LCI Resource Groups

Speaking of member resources, we are piloting LCI Resource Groups for the 2021-2022 year. Resource groups are teams of faculty, staff, and students that can connect with institutions for one hour of coaching time. Resource groups can help with advice/ideas about a particular issue, faculty or student training ideas, or answer questions for institutions considering starting a learning communities program. Currently, we are seeking volunteers to make up these groups. Signing up doesn’t mean you’ll definitely be called on, and of course, we will be sensitive to changing schedules. If you’re willing to volunteer and be part of the pilot program, click here.

Annual Meeting

For many of us, the highlight of our year is gathering for the annual meeting each fall. As some of you know, our plan for this year was to be with our colleagues in Mexico, at Tecnológico de Monterrey. Because there are still questions about fall travel and institutional budget restrictions, we made the decision to have our 2021 annual meeting completely online. The meeting will be October 15-16, and the Annual Meeting Planning Team is working on a great program. The call for abstracts went out on May 4, and submissions are due May 31, so start thinking about what you want to submit.  More information about this year’s meeting can be found on the Annual Meeting page. And, don't worry, we're making plans now to be in Monterrey for 2022!  

Membership Renewals

With all that's going on, there's never been a better time to be an institutional member of the LCI. Membership renewal invoices will be sent May 17 through June 7. A reminder these invoices go to all voting members and the administrative contact at each institution. This year, we are happy to announce 1-year or 3-year renewal options at the current membership annual rate. If you want to verify your voting members or the administrative contact for your institution, you can always email Susan Shultz, the LCI Administrator.  If you want to know more about being an LCI member, click on the Join the LCI page, or contact the Membership Team: Caroline Harada or Sara Tariq.

What a year it's been so far, and we're not even halfway through! None of what we've accomplished would have been possible without the hard work and generous spirits of our LCI Council. These folks give their time and energy to the LCI because they are committed to you, our members, as well as the mission of building connections in medical education. You can find a complete list of the LCI Standing Committees on the website. If you'd like to know more about getting involved with the LCI Council or have other questions, feel free to reach out to me. 

Have a wonderful summer, and thanks for being an integral part of this organization.   

Stay safe and well,

Jason Noah
Chair, Learning Communities Institute


Dear LCI Members

This month marks one year since the first lab-confirmed case of COVID-19 in North America. During the last twelve months, the pandemic has upended almost every aspect of what we once considered normal life. We are watching the outcomes of known healthcare disparities in our system negatively affect communities of color due to the pandemic.  We are also witnessing an elevated awareness of and reckoning with longstanding practices of systemic racial oppression and injustice in our nation.

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Our Mission

The LCI is a not-for-profit organization of institutions, learners, educators, and administrators who are working together to promote, enhance and evaluate the use of learning communities in medical education. Through collaboration among learning communities, the LCI seeks to improve health care education across the continuum of learning by fostering scholarship, professional development and the centrality of relationships among learners and teachers. Read More •••

Organizing Members

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