The Role of Learning Communities during COVID-19

Dear Learning Community Colleagues,

We thought the ideas in the latest update could help support students, administrators and faculty during this challenging time with COVID-19. Now more than ever do we need community and to embrace our common humanity as we support each other in this difficult time. We hope you find the ideas below helpful and know that you have a community here to help if you have questions or need support.

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The Learning Communities Institute Leadership Council

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The LCI is a not-for-profit organization of institutions, learners, educators, and administrators who are working together to promote, enhance and evaluate the use of learning communities in medical education. Through collaboration among learning communities, the LCI seeks to improve health care education across the continuum of learning by fostering scholarship, professional development and the centrality of relationships among learners and teachers. Read More •••

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Role Of Learning Communities During COVID-19

March 25, 2020
SUPPORTING STUDENTS Experiences of our students Uncertainty / loss of control - day to day, and future Emotions - fear, anger, frustration; ”Why didn’t you pull me out?” and “Don’t pull me out” “What is…

2019 Special Supplement on Learning Communities in Undergraduate Medical Education (UME)

January 27, 2020
To All Learning Community Leaders, Faculty, Staff, and Students and Other Interested Parties:   We are delighted to share the contents of the 2019 Special Supplement on Learning Communities in Undergraduate Medical Education (UME), published by…

Associations between learning community engagement and burnout, quality of life, and empathy among medical students

February 14, 2019
Read about components with a Learning Community that are valued differently and varying their relationships with student outcomes.  In this cross-sectional study, all Johns Hopkins School of Medicine students were surveyed regarding perceived value…

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Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

August 9, 2018
HISTORY Our program started in 2009 as an advisory program. It still largely is advisory in structure, but over time we have taken on many features of learning communities, and aim to develop this further. STRUCTURE 10 Advisories, each led by a Faculty Advisor Each Faculty Advisor have a tenth of each class. Students in the same advisory share time in our doctoring course as well as other…