The LCI is a not-for-profit organization of institutions, learners, educators, and administrators who are working together to promote, enhance and evaluate the use of learning communities in medical education. Through collaboration among learning communities, the LCI seeks to improve health care education across the continuum of learning by fostering scholarship, professional development and the centrality of relationships among learners and teachers.



Learning communities have become a common structure in the education of health professionals, providing the following opportunities:

  1. Continuity of teaching and mentoring, which enhances personal and professional growth of learners.
  2. Positive health care learning environments to reinforce professionalism, humanism and wellbeing.
  3. Broad positive impact on medical education stakeholders including students, faculty and patients.  

The LCI promotes the creation and implementation of learning communities with an initial focus on undergraduate medical education institutions in the United States, Mexico and Canada.  As learning communities become recognized as a mark of excellence in an institution’s commitment to training effective and compassionate providers we envision they will have broader appeal across graduate medical education and other health professions.  The LCI will promote collaborations spanning institutions and disciplines to further scholarship and understanding of best practices and outcomes involving LCs.

Shortened Vision statement:

  • All health profession students will have the opportunity to learn and grow within a learning community.
  • Sustainable learning communities are implemented across all health professional institutions and directly impact the personal and professional growth of our learners.
  • Every health profession learner belongs to a community of teaching and mentoring to enhance their personal and professional growth.