LeArning Comunities Institute 11th Annual Conference

September 26-28, 2014
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine


Enhancing Medical Student Wellness Through the Use of Wellness Retreats
Scott Rodgers, MD; Bill Cutrer, MD; Amy Fleming, MD; Michael Pilla, MD; Cami Pfennig, MD; Wally Clair, MD; BethAnn Yakes, MD; Lindy Fenlason, MD  (Vanderbilt School of Medicine)
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Teaching Humanities to Medical Students: Can we Find the Sweet Spot?  
Stephen Sandroni, MD (Paul L. Foster School of Medicine)
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Learning Technologies in Learning Communities
Bob Dudas, MD (Johns Hopkins);  Toufeeq Ahmed, PhD (Vanderbilt);  Amy Fleming, MD (Vanderbilt);  Jennifer Meka, MS (Penn State); Milind Kothari, MD (Penn State)
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From Cheerleader to Coach: Advancing Your Skills in Giving Feedback to Students
Molly Blackley Jackson, MD;  Marjorie Wenrich, M.P.H;  Ramoncita Maestas, MD (University of Washington)


Review of Current Literature in Learning Communities
Dr. Sunny Smith (University of California San Diego) 
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Medical Student Perspectives on Learning Communities
Zac Cordner and Monica Bhutiani (Johns Hopkins)
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Project Brainstorming

*SPECIAL PRESENTATION – Building an Assessment Plan for your Learning Community
Dr. Pamela Baker, PhD., Associate Dean for Medical Education, and Dr. M. Stephen Baxter, MD, Director, Learning Communities Program  (College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati)

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TOPIC: Clinical Skills and Student Teaching in Learning Communities

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Third and Fourth Year Medical Students as Teachers and Mentors: Our Three Year Experience Implementing an “Education-Centered Medical Home” (ECMH) as a New Model for Longitudinal Team Learning and Peer Mentoring. 
Daniel B. Evans, MD*  (Northwestern University).  


Clinical Skills Teaching within a Learning Community: A Model for Vertical Integration.
Phillip Fournier MD*, Christine Woolf PhD, PY Fan MD, Janette Abramowitz MD, Melissa A. Fischer MD Med  (University of Massachusetts).
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A Foundational Approach to Clinical Skills Acquisition in Long-established Learning Communities of Medical Students and Physician Faculty in Continuity Care Clinics. 
Jennifer Bequette, MD*, Miranda Huffman, MD*, Rebecca Pauly, MD, Louise Arnold, PhD, Jennifer Quaintance, PhD  (University of Missouri-Kansas City).
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TOPIC: Reflective Practice in Learning Communities


Facilitating Professionalism: Ongoing Dialogs in Safe Spaces.
Emily Frosch, MD*, Rob Shochet, MD  (Johns Hopkins University).
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Student Reflections on Empathy: Incorporating Student Voice into Medical Curriculum.
Margaret Wilkes, M2*, Jana K. Zaudke MD, MA  (University of Kansas).


Reflecting Through Learning Communities: A Unique Opportunity to Provide Instruction while Maintaining Student Openness.
EM Powers, MBA, MD Candidate, LD Vance, MD Candidate, AE Fleming, MD  (Vanderbilt University). 

TOPIC: Wellness in Learning Communities


Iron Med: a Wellness Initiative at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.
Julia Loewenthal*, Kendall Brooks and Michael Hardy  (University of Virginia).
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Resilience in Medical Students. 
Julia Loewenthal*  (University of Virginia).
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LiveWell in a Learning Community: A Student-Driven Curriculum Supporting Self-Care. 
Maxine Norcross, MS3*, Wynne Callon (MS2), Carolyn Arnold (MS2), Tracy Yang (MS2), Ekene Obi-Okoye (MS2), Trinh Trang (MS2), Robert Shochet, MD, Emily Frosch, MD  (Johns Hopkins University). 


Penn State College of Medicine Wellness Program: Reflecting on the Program’s Inaugural Year.
Christine Pennesi, Cameron Gettel, Milind Kothari  (Penn State).
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TOPIC: Faculty in Learning Communities


Choosing Learning Community Mentors: Should Specialty Be Considered? 
Jim Wagner*, MD, John Sadler, MD, Celia Jenkins, MD, Jerzy Lysikowski, PhD, Gary Reed, MD  (UT Southwestern).
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Faculty Turnover in Learning Communities. 
Michael Ennis, MD*, Melissa Fischer MD, MEd, Michael Kneeland MD, David Hatem MD  (University of Massachusetts).
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A New Faculty Development Program for Mentoring in Learning Communities. 
Graciela Medina-Aguilar*, Rosa Nelly Cavazos, Claudia Hernández-Escobar, MD, Teresa Zamora, MD, Mary-Ana Cordero-Diaz, MD, María del Pilar Gonzalez-Amarante, MD, Melvin Delgado  (Tecnológico de Monterrey School of Medicine, México).
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TOPIC: Inter-professional Education and Novel Learning Community Programs


Jeffersonian Dinners: Promoting Interprofessional Understanding. 
Eve Privman*, Monika Criman, Madeline Graham, Tina Brashers  (University of Virginia).     


The Vanderbilt Program in Interprofessional Learning (VPIL): The development of a longitudinal learning environment where medical, nursing, pharmacy and social work students learn and work together in clinical settings. 
Heather Davidson, PhD,* Bonnie Miller, MD, Linda Norman, DSN, RN, FAAN  (Vanderbilt University).  


Development, Implementation and Evaluation of an MD-PHD Learning Community. 
Zac Cordner*, Emily Heilkamp, Robert Siliciano, MD, PhD  (Johns Hopkins University). 


Foundations of the Profession: An Introduction to Medical School and Learning Communities.
Amy Fleming MD,* Michael Pilla MD, Maya Neeley MD, Lindy Fenlason MD, Cami Pfennig MD, William Cutrer MD, MEd, Bonnie Miller MD  (Vanderbilt University).

TOPIC: Assessment and Learning Communities Programs


Learning Communities as a Vehicle for Quality Improvement Education. 
Nandini Kumar*, Devin Haddad, Kathryn Callahan, MD, Milan Nadkarni, MD, Simon A. Mahler, MD, MS  (Wake Forest).
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Assessing Qualities of the Learning Environment at Two Medical Schools with Learning Communities: Johns Hopkins and University of Virginia.
Rob Shochet, MD* (Johns Hopkins); Meg Keeley, MD* (University of Virginia); Jorie Colbertz-Getz, PhD (University of Utah). 
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Weaning Medical Students from Multiple Choice Questioning. 
Larry Nichols, MD*, Charles Handorf, MD, PhD  (University of Tennessee). 
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TOPIC: Technology and Learning Communities


A Hybrid Approach to Create a School Culture of Online Professionalism. 
Cordero-Diaz, Mary-Ana, MD*, Gonzalez-Amarante, María del Pilar, Medina-Aguilar, Graciela, Soria, Ana Lucía, Arreguin, Stefanie, Aviña, Jaime  (Tecnológico de Monterrey, México). 
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Using Online Forums to Create an Active Learning Space for Interactive Discussions in Learning Communities. 
Margaret Gray, Medical Student*, Bill Cutrer MD M.Ed.*, Michael Pilla MD, Amy Fleming MD, Toufeeq Ahmed PhD  (Vanderbilt University). 


YOUNG INVESTIGATOR PRESENTATION:  Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of an MD-PhD Learning Community.  
Zac Cordner*, MD, PhD student; Emily Heilkamp, MD, PhD student; Robert Siliciano, MD, PhD (Johns Hopkins University). 
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Interprofessional Learning Communities: The Next Generation of Learning for 21st Century Healthcare.  
Gwen Halaas*, MD, MBA  (University of North Dakota);  Bob Lavey, AIA and Andrea Stalker, (Steinberg Architects).
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Clinical Reflections as an Academic Focus for Medical Students in Learning Communities.
Douglas Reifler*, MD; William Agbor-Baiyee, PhD  (Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science). 

Empowering Medical Students to Conduct a Community Assessment and Identify Meaningful Community Service Projects within Learning Communities.  
Sunny Smith*, MD;  Steve Niemec*, student;  Michelle Johnson, MD  (University of California San Diego). 
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Enhancing Learning Community Faculty Skills in Chalenging Advising Scenarios Using an Advising Case Conference  
Rachel Levine, MD, MPH;  Emily Frosh, MD;  Robert Shochet, MD  (Johns Hopkins University) 
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Facilitating a Faculty Learning Community for Your Student Learning Community
Laurie Richlin, PhD (WMU Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine);  Milton D. Cox, PhD (Miami University – Ohio)
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Learning Communities, Clinical Skills, & Core EPA’s: Strategies for deploying Learning Communities to Ensure Clinical Skills Milestone Achievement
Danielle Roussel, MD;  Sara Lamb, MD;  Jorie Colbert Getz, PhD (University of Utah)
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