2020 – 17th Annual Conferance


Virtual Conference:  October 15-16, 2021

Cayenne Price, Thomas Dalton

Assessing Development of Clinical Reasoning in the Pre-clinical Period PDF

William Agbor-Baiyee

Can Medical Students Learn from Veteran Patients PDF

Chi Braunreiter, et al.

Collaboration Between Basic Scientists and Clinicians in Learning Communities PDF

Edmundo Esparza, et al.

Developing a Novel Peer Mentorship Program Housed withing Established Learning Communities PDF

Sabah Osmani, Sally Midani, et al.

Early Specialty Exploration through Learning Communities PDF

Houriya Ayoubieh, et al.

Evolution of a College System Learning Community PDF

Debra Atkisson, et al.

Growth through Coaching and Community PDF

Silvia Olivares, Miriam Turrubiates

Immersion Activities for the Development of Student Self-awareness Competence: Student Perceptions PDF

Karen McDonough, et al.

Impact of Early Integrated Clinical Training on Medical Student Performance in Clerkships PDF

LaToya Sherman, et al.

Implementation of International Certified Training Protocols through Learning Communities: Developing Professionalism and Fostering Leadership Amongh Mentor and Mentee Medical Students PDF

Daniel van Zweden, et al.

Learning Communities: Service Learning amid Covid-19 PDF

Sara Sayamuah, et al.

Learning Communities Initiatives to Engage Medical Students Duriing Covid-19: a Series of Virtual Conversations PDF
Jonathan Gold,  et al.
Learning Society Student-Faculty Contact Continues Across a Geographic Divide PDF

Sath Sudhanthar, et al.

Longitudinal Medical Education Journal Club as a Faculty Development Tool PDF

Raj Telhan, et al.

Narrative Integrity Testiing: Mitigating the Limitations of the Virtual Interview PDF

Nicole Hughes, et al.

Navigating Medical School Together- One Year Apart: First- and Second-Year Medical Student Peer Advising Program Satisfaction Outcomes PDF

Melissa Quearry, Lauren Parker

Operating a Curriicular and Co-Curricular Learning Community Program: a Partnership between Medical Education and Medical Student Affairs PDF

Emilyn Anderi, et al.

Preventing Isolation in Medical Students: Restructuring into Learning Communities and the Impact it has had on Medical Student Learning Behaviors PDF

John Sherwood, et al.

Service Learning Course on Falls Prevention Organized by Learning Communities PDF

Bella Cervantes, Rachel Baca, et al.

The Effect of Covid-19 Social Distancing Mandates on Exercise and Diet Habits on UNM Medical Students PDF

Ali Mahfuz, et al.

Utilizing a Mobile Communication Platform for Improving Learning Community Engagement and Team Dynamics in Medical School PDF

Renu Bhupathy, et al.

Medical Student Perceptions of Virtual Learniing Communities in the Pre-clinical Curriculum During COVID PDF

Carolyn Ahlers, et al.

Virtual Wellness and Learning Communities Programming to Support Medical Student Wellbeing during Covid-19 PDF