Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


Our program started in 2009 as an advisory program. It still largely is advisory in structure, but over time we have taken on many features of learning communities, and aim to develop this further.


  • 10 Advisories, each led by a Faculty Advisor
  • Each Faculty Advisor have a tenth of each class.
  • Students in the same advisory share time in our doctoring course as well as other small group activities throughout all 4 years of the curriculum
  • Faculty Advisors serve as first point of contact for students for academic, personal and career counseling. They also lead advisory sessions on professional identity formation and career planning.
  • Student Advisors are 4th years students who provide additional guidance.


  • Provide individual guidance around career choice and navigating the residency application process
  • Deliver important curricular content related to professional identity formation, reflection, wellness and career planning.
  • Serve as a resource for academic or personal concerns
  • Refer students  to services throughout the medical school and health system


  • Academic advising
  • Career mentoring
  • Professional identity formation
  • Milestone celebration
  • Wellness activities


Peter Gliatto, MD - Senior Associate Dean for Student Affair
Jillian Palmer, MA - Assistant Director of Student Affairs


  • Getting the right faculty is key. We have had very low turnover in the last several years because we have faculty who are dedicated and love this aspect of their jobs. Each Faculty Advisor is a 0.2 FTE position
  • Weekly faculty Advisor meetings have been very successful for troubleshooting issues, faculty development, solidarity and creative brainstorming
  • Journal club to keep abreast of current practices is an important group activity
  • Partnering with other stakeholders for student wellness is key