November 1, 2013
AAMC - Philidelphia

Opening remarks

Rob Shochet, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Crystal Wright, Baylor University


Social Networks and Professional Formation - Opportunities for Learning Communities
Paul Haidet, MD, MPH, Penn State Hershey College of Medicine

Featured Presentation

Innovations in Learning Communities

Making Mentors - Qualitative Description of the Needs of Learning Community Mentors in a New Learning Community
Dave Hatem, MD, University of Massachusetts
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Innovations in Learning Communities - Table Presentations

Professionalism through Reflection: The Educators-4-CARE Model of Teaching and Reinforcing Professionalism
Lars Osterberg, MD; Stanford University
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MSRU Mind/Body Professional Learning Community
Marion J. Lombardi, MS; Cooper Medical School of Rowan University 

Learning Communities in the Clerkship Year
Meg Keeley MD; University of Virginia

Personalized Learning Plans Utilizing a Social Network Interface
Bill Cutrer, MD; Vanderbilt University
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Mock Residency Interviews: Utilizing Learning Community Faculty for Success in the Match
Michael Pilla, MD; Vanderbilt University

Learning Community (LC) Interest Groups

  1. Incorporating Wellness Activities into LCs
  2. Advising and Mentoring in LCs
  3. LC Collaborative Research
  4. Mentoring New LCI Members and LC Leaders
  5. Building Curricula for LCs
  6. LCs Across Multiple Sites
  7. Vertical Integration in LCs

LCI Organizational Updates and Future Activites

Poster Presentations?????

Poster #

Pharmacotherapeutics Learning Communities.
Julie Bridges; Stony Brook University
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Evaluation of Learning Communities by Pre and Post-Curriculum Reform Classes.
lan E. Harzman, MD; The Ohio State University
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3 Role of MBTI in Learning Community Development and Teaching.
Shawn Garrison, PhD; Morehouse School of Medicine
4 Reconnect and Reflect (R&R) - Longitudinal support and regular reflective practice for MS3 / MS4 students through Videoconferencing.
Molly Blackley Jackson, MD or Thomas McNalley, MD; University of Washington
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5 Model of an Advising Resource Office Serving Societies (Learning Communities) at Harvard Medical School.
Laurie Raymond, MD; Harvard Medical School
6 The Role of Psychiatrists as Learning Communities Mentors.
Dan Kirsch, MD and Peter Metz, MD; University of Massachusetts
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7 Course/Faculty Assessment (CFA).
Bonnie Granat, PhD; New York Institute of Technology
8 Transitions to Residency: Using Learning Communities to Prepare Third Year Medical Students for Residency.
Gauri Agarwal, MD; University of Miami 
9 Societies as a Scaffold for Connections, Curriculum and Relationships During Curriculum Change.
Milind Kothari, MD; Penn State
10 Mentoring in Learning Communities: Description of a new, highly interactive Student Portfolio Interface using Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs) and Social Networking.
S. Toufeeq Ahmed, PhD; Vanderbilt University 
11 Training Today’s Medical Students to be Tomorrow’s Leaders: Leadership Training through Learning Communities.
Carey Roth Bayer, EdD, RN; Morehouse School
12 A Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Curriculum Utilizing Existing Learning Communities for Patient Care and Learner Education.
Jennifer Bequette, MD; University of Missouri-Kansas City

The Masters Colloquium: a Course that Integrates the Learning Communities with the Medical School Curriculum.
Gordon Woods, MD; Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
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The “jigsaw” method to promote cross-talk and maximize learning across Learning Communities.
Nancy L. Hayes, PhD; The Florida State University
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Practice-Specific Learning Communities As A Response to LCME Visitation.
Nicole M. Deiorio, MD; Oregon Health and Sciences University


Collaborative Mentoring for Medical Education Faculty through Faculty Learning Communities.
Terri Kurz, PhD; Texas A&M Health Science Center 


Development of a Cross-College Faculty Development Learning Community in Interprofessional Education.
Sonya Echols, PhD; Virginia Tech Carilion


Two Innovations for Creating a Community of Learning in a Distributed Campus.
Bruce Rosenberg, MD; McMaster University

21 Building Bridges to Establish a Longitudinal Career Counseling Program: Collaboration between Student Affairs and Student Mentoring Program.
Crystal Wright, MD; Baylor College 

Development, Implementation and Evaluation of an MD-PhD Learning Community.
Zachary Cordner; Johns Hopkins University
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Consistency in Evaluation of Medical Student Case Reports by a dedicated group of faculty.
Geln S. Tamura, MD; University of Washington
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The Value of a Faculty Community for Educational Development and Innovation: A Case Study in Translational Sciences.
Christina M. Cestone, PhD; University of Texas
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A Learning Community of Faculty and Students Developing Emotional Intelligence to Cultivate Leadership Skills.
Amy Smith, PhD; Lehigh Valley Health Network Presentation N/A