Learning Communities Institute 4th Annual Conference

NOVEMBER 1, 2007
John Hopkins University School of Medicine

Relationship-Centered Care: Impact on Culture and Community in Medical Schools

Penny Williamson, Sc.D. Associate Professor of Medicine, JHUSOM Relationship Centered Health Care
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UT Southwestern Colleges: A Study of Outcomes–professionalism multiscore profiles for medical students

James Wagner, MD, Internal Medicine UT Southwestern Medical School
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Grassroots Community: Student Activation, Leadership and Relational Connection in Response to a New Medical School Advisory Program

Satish Misra, Mark Bicket, Robert Shochet, MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
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Making it Count Twice: Conducting education research within learning communities

Rachel Levine, MD, MPH and Scott Wright MD, Division of GIM, JHBMC, JHUSOM
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