Learning Communities Institute 2nd Annual Conference

September 8-10, 2005
University of IOWA

Plenary Session Building Connections in a World of Disconnections

Corly Petersen Brooke, Ph.D., Iowa State University

Institute Work Session – How Do You Know Your Learning Communities Are Working?

Donald Yarbrough, Ph.D., University of Iowa Center for Evaluation and Assessment

Institute Work Session, panel discussion

Moderated by Joel Gordon, MD, University of Iowa

Plenary Session On Leadership and Being a Change Agent

Jude West, Ph.D., University of Iowa

Breakout Session – Integrating Formal and Informal Curricula; Academic Outcomes of Learning Communities.

Ronald A. Arkey, M.D., Harvard Medical School

Breakout Session – Balancing Class and Community

Susan Johnson, M.D., University of Iowa

Breakout Session – Catalyzing Your Resources to Achieve Program Goals

Bret Gothe, M.A., University of Iowa

Breakout Session – The Role of Learning Communities in the Development of Professional Behaviors in Students.

Louise Arnold, Ph.D. University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine

Plenary Session – Making It All Happen

Charles Schroeder, Ph.D.,Noel Levitz Consulting

Plenary Session – Wrap-Up and Template for Action Plan

Elizabeth Whitt, Ph.D., University of Iowa